Thursday, July 3, 2008

tote it around

Why do I love tote bags so much? They are perfect for the beach, school, grabbing a few groceries and trying to be eco friendly, & just are convenient.
1. I kind of love this one from marc by marc jacobs...hmm it would be 289234x cooler if it didn't say "BIG TOTE" on it, but maybe thats just me
2. Kind of "old school" simple black and white with some way cool checks. I want!
3. Simple, nautical, cute & cheap. how do i always end up at Forever 21?
4. Fun & Funky, this one is a must have!


BJ said...


Times of Glory said...

So true! I love his big tote... and actually wish there is no those 2 giant words on! The colour is brilliant! I can imagine all my necessaries in xxxxxxxxxx

Luna said...

I agree!


tagged you :)

Paris Tarts said...

Nice post and I love big totes!


Richel said...

I love big totes!

question: do you know if Z Berg and Alexa Chung are close friends? I always see them in pictures together!

soilikethelike said...

thanks everyone!

& richel i have always assumed they are, those two are always together
not completely sure though