Wednesday, August 27, 2008

fab..or not?

would you pay $150 for something at forever21?
what if its a leather jacket?
i am thinking thats an amazing price for a leather jacket, but just consider the can't be any better than the rest of their items can it?
aside from all that, i think this would look fierce over a lace dress & with these shoes, or with a white tank & skinny jeans.


Jenny H. said...

that is reallyyy expensive for something at forever21.
im surprised!

but its veryy cute. not going to lie.

chuckles said...

I think it's great but not for me. And I think its pretty expensive considering that its from forever21.

ANE said...

Little to expensive, but it could be nice if you wear it right. I prefer a longer one dough

yiqin; said...

I won't pay 150 bucks for something at F21! But I love the zips on it. It is fabulous.


think its fab,very versatile.though i think you might be able to get it cheaper if you go vintage.

Susanna-Cole said...

I saw that jacket at Forever 21 and was also suprised at the price, and I'm curious of whether it's of any better quality than the rest of F21 clothes... which really aren't the greatest in quality, and alas, no returns are allowed either! :(