Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A quick question

How much do you think this leather jacket from Abercrombie costs?
Was your guess $500? Yeah, well this jacket is in fact $498, hmm leather is expensive but come on, its only ABERCROMBIE!!!!
I mean thats pratcially the price of one from Mike&Chris..and Abercrombie leather is not Mike&Chris leather..
my question is, do you think this jacket is slightly overpriced?


barbie444 said...

Abercrombie is always overpriced in my opinion. they are not couture. You should go to Loehmanns or century 21 and get a good deal on a leather jacket that is not that over priced

Times of Glory said...

Abercrombie is even higher here in London. The jacket looks really cool and practical, but Abercrombie is bit overpriced xxxxxxxxx

Marjolein said...

oh my, 500 for a leather jacket? I would never buy it. maybe if it was like a extremely original, beautiful, rare jacket.. but I heard the quality of Abercombie isn't that good so I definitely think it's overpriced.