Tuesday, August 5, 2008


i'm going major shopping tomorrow!
i get to finally go to H&M (this is a big deal for me, none around where i live!)
and Sephora =)
i could always make a stop at nineties nails (i kid, i kid) but it does really exist,
why would you want your nails to look like they came from the nineties?

until then, i am trying to decide, should i order these earrings?


Jenny H. said...

i adore these raybans.
i wear them almostt everyday!

and you HAVE to get those earrings.
those are some seriously rocking earrings.

barbie444 said...

i think you should definitly get those earrings. I went shopping last week for school jcrew was having a huge sale.

do you know where i could buy a 2nd hand goyard bag?

Jenny H. said...

ahhh thank you!
that makes me happy :)

what grade are you going into in high school?