Thursday, January 15, 2009


  • Sequins: Originally created for las vegas strippers, maybe..? Currently, sequins are acceptable anywhere! Totally cute:) I have been obsessed with them for a year, so i thought they deserved a post.
  • A couple cautions, sequins can easily look cheap, as well as trashy.
  • You have probably already tried a sequin top, or dress, but maybe you haven't tried...
Sequin Skirts are fun, fun, funnn. Sequin skirts can easily look trashy, trashy, trashyyy..I suggest pairing them with opaque tights, a white tee, and ankle boots.
Sequin Sweaters this one happens to be five dollars, I picture it with dark skinny jeans as well as dark boots.
Sequin Pants. Not everyone can get away with them.

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v said...

love it