Wednesday, March 25, 2009

singin dollar dollar bill yall

heres the dealll, i am super excited, i am going to the king of prussia mall on monday, mi madre is letting me skip school for the day and shop up thereee while picking up my brother from his trip back from visiting his fiance, who just got out of basic!
however, this whole recession (*shudder* i hate that word) deal is getting to me..i really don't feel like doing much shopping when i know i should be saving.
i don't know, i guess i'm asking for your advice, shop or save?
note that their is an h&m, neiman marcus, urban outfitters, dsw, juicy couture, salvatore ferragamo...
stores that are all three hours away!

sorry, i didn't want to be the blog that covers the recession, i know we are all SICK of the word, but tell me are you cutting back on your spending?



DreamyGirl22 said...

As long as you don't blow money all the time, I think it's totally ok to spend some money while your there! How often do you get a chance to travel there for shopping? So you gotta enjoy it while you can! Plus how bummed will you be if you go and come home empty handed since you didn't want to buy stuff?? That would be a sad day! haha

Twobreadsplease said...

Errr, I try to save but I'm not very good at it. No will power at all. Did you get good stuff? xx

Alice X said...

HOLLLLLLY. 95 percent off? i just died, hope you got some good stuff!