Sunday, June 14, 2009

Do you know youre unlike any other?

pocket-rocket in "timothy"
i'm a sucker for unique packaging, so in my anual trip to ulta for eyeliner i got very sidetracked by urban decays pocket rocket lipgloss, it boasted "a no bulk tube" with a guy of your choice "with a flick of the rist"! hmm, interesting. anyways, heres the deal, the packaging may be awesome, but the lipgloss gets even better:) i personally think it taste like oatmeal, haha...however the formula is awesome, it gives fantastic color, my lips look RED, and the lipgloss isn't to sticky, or thin. perfection! btw, i chose timothy.

currently listening to "Thunder" by boys like girls, i never realised how prety the lyrics were until now.