Tuesday, June 2, 2009

your not the only one, refusing to back down

you know that dress i was working on? well apparently it now became a shirt, the pattern was far to short to suit me, so here it is, i know it's not the most detailed photo, so sorry &&& my face was gross, so i blurred ittt.. but i am actually really happy with how this top turned out:)
because i made the top this whole outfit cost me like $30, not bad. :D

currently listening to riot, by three days grace. sure it's an angry song, but it's sort of empowering..


xs said...

$30 is better than not bad!

Emy Augustus said...

aw wish the pic was clearer!! I like seeing what other people make esp in the clothing area. I'm only proficient with tailoring clothes haha.

yes anger IS an empowering emotion. =D