Sunday, June 29, 2008

bargain shopper.

So I did stop into Target today and check out the new collection, but slightly being rushed, did not get to try much on

1.-The floral skirt, was actually pretty high waisted & i loved the fit, also it seemed like somehow it would go with everything. I figured I would wait to buy it though.

2.-I did not see the button down cardigan tank in the fuchsia so i had to try it on in black, i did love the fit & how it looked but I am waiting to by it in fuchsia pink

3. I was able to try on the swimsuit & I fell in love, it was not in the purple color but instead a simple black. I ended up just buying this piece (for now)


Times of Glory said...

The swimsuit has that 50s retro appeal - super chic! I love it! I bet you will look great in it! And the skirt is very pretty! Highwaisted skirt is just chic! xx


Thanks for that great comment on my blog. LOVE the bikini, tres cute!! :)