Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fierce shoes

I need a pair of fierce new heels
unfortunately fierce new heels tend to cost more than what i can afford,
1. these hotttt Davis by Ruthie Davis heels, wow. Their only downfall is the cost-$645
2. just as tough, these fierce heels by L.A.M.B come to $350 almost half the price
3. Not the toughest looking shoe around, but still just as cool, these Theory heels are on sale for 85.50, you better buy them now!


vera i have your wang said...

woahh great steal on those theory's

Danz said...

Oh I want!...but sadly...I cannot have...

The Fashion Paige said...

The Ruthie Davis "Koolhaas" shoes are worth the extra $$ because they are made in Italy of the finest materials, have a really cool heel with a metal insert, have two straps with metal cone shaped studs and other high quality details - plus they are really comfortable and will last forever!