Monday, June 16, 2008

Racerback dresses

i love a racer-back tank dress, its like the perfect piece for summer & i can't ever get enough of them
so here are a few i think that should be given a try!
1. multicolored silk. Alexander Wang makes the perfect racerback dress, oh & to make it more perfect, the bottom detaches & it can become a top, now thats hott!!! the price though, not so hot, have $470 to spair?
2. green silk. this one can be dressed up or down mmmhm so cool, but it will set you back $363, so next!
3.electric blue in modal fabric! hott, & this dress has a little spin on the racerback, the back is twisted, $151 not too bad!
4.floral chiffon. this dress is summed up in one word-perfect. & an almost perfect little price of $98.
5.vintage cotton fabric. this hott little dress is perfect for night, or wear it out during the day & at $34.99 (on sale!) its worth every penny!

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hate racer back tanks for some reason (hides) but on a dress, it's perfect!!