Monday, June 16, 2008

Tanning Do's & Dont's

I'm pretty sure that their is albino in my blood, i do not tan, ever.
Do:So when i went to Ulta and saw this beautiful bottle, i picked it up & payed, i was so excited & i will tell you although it never left me golden-goddess tan, it does leave a natural light tan (although the smell is not great) & it leaves your skin extremely sparkly

Don't:The other day i realized i was looking extra albino, and i couldn't find my bottle of Santa Tanita! The next best thing was this bottle of Loreal sublime bronze, I used it. Only in horror to find my skin the next day, with spots of tan skin & spots of my albino skin, the stuff had dried so quickly, i hadn't been able to tell where it was sprayed! (Although their was absolutely no smell!)

so the do-use Santa tanita
the don't-don't use Loreal!

oh & Ex- foliate!

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