Thursday, August 21, 2008

question itt?

i have a problem
i should be saving up for a car (although i am not even sixteen!)
but anyways...
theirs these boots i kind of love, and could get so much wear out of this fall.
they are insanely perfect!
boots or saving for car?


Richel said...

I think they are a good investment. Shoes are necessary, they cover your feet so they may as well be fabulous.

barbie444 said...

get the shoes they are very cute. the car can wait. I am 16 and i just got my permit. so get the shoes

soilikethelike said...

aww you both make this sound so easy! haha i am still debating..
shoes are starting to win though!

Jenny H. said...

it will last you longer.

and thanks for the cute comment on my blog :)