Sunday, August 24, 2008


Fashion Chalet, tagged anyone who wanted to do this
so i am up!
1. Clothes Shop. urban outfitters, forever21, h&m are a few favorites. 2. Furniture shop. i would love to visit IKEA! 3. Sweet. nothing beats iced coffeee (does that count!) 4. City. New York 5. Drink. diet coke 6. Music. i could go on forever, anything with good lyrics or extremely catchy 7. TV Series. the office and gossip girl 8. Film. the notebook. 9. Workout. running . 10. Pastries. pop tarts count?. 11. Coffee. any, i love a hazlenut ice coffee though!

Anyone else up?


♥ fashion chalet said...
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♥ fashion chalet said...

I like your answers. :) IKEA just opened up by my parents' place. We're planning to go soon for a few furniture/decoration accents (since we are moving next month!) and the stuff in there rocks!! I love their .99 breakfast & free delicious coffee as well. We usually eat, then shop. ;) lol... You can sign up for a free catalog, you will get some seriously cool ideas. ;)

soilikethelike said...

haha thanks that awesome, i don't know of any around here
so the catalog would be pretty sweet!
i will definitely check it out

Richel said...

We actually have a lot of the same answers!